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Frozen Pastry

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Puff Pastry Dough Sheet

SKU: 76829 16 PER CASE

Tomato and Olive Croissant

SKU: QZ119983 36/110 GR CS

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Beignet

SKU: 10358760 1/175 CT CS
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Apricot Danish Ready To Bake

SKU: 921180 126/1.45OZ

Fruit Filled Beignet

SKU: 10358840 1/175 CT CS

Fg Cinnamon Roll 100% Btr

SKU: 10111231 1/180 CT 1.25OZ

Bistro Leek Parmesan Pastry Ready To Bake

SKU: QZ119985 36/110 GR CS

Cinnamon Roll

SKU: 10111222 1/45 CT 3.25 OZ

Chocolate Twist Torsade

SKU: 5604BR31293 100/28 GR CS