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Pastry Shells

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9" Fluted Tart Shell

SKU: QZ121117 1/12 CT CS

Small Cannoli Shell

SKU: MTF695 1/120 CS

Round 1.75" Filo Shell

SKU: F340 90 CT CS
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Large Cannoli Shell

SKU: 103872 1/48 CT

3.75" Sweet Straight Edge Tart Shell

SKU: QZ121536 1/72 CT CS

Round 2" Swt Straight Edge Tart Shell Coated

SKU: QZ118851 1/100 CT CS

2.5" x 1" Barquette Shell Mini

SKU: FP340 1/280 CT

3.25" Fluted Tart Shell

SKU: QZ110978 1/135 CT CS

Round 4" Choc Straight Edge Tart Shell Coated

SKU: QZ118857 1/40 CT CS