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Chocolate Chips & Chunks

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4,000ct Dark Choc Chip

SKU: QZ116783 1/25 LB CS

70014 Dark Chips 4,000ct

SKU: QZ101432 1/50 LB CS

Barry Callebaut 1000 Ct Chocolate Chips

SKU: 4105CB70315 1000CT/25LB
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Chips White 1,000ct

SKU: QZ117858 1/25 LB CS

Choc Bitterswt 63% Chip

SKU: 10315831 1/50 LB CS

Chocoa Cbg Dark Rock Chunks

SKU: QZ120297 1/10 KG CS

Chocoa Chips Semisweet 1,000ct 45%

SKU: QZ117772 1/25 LB CS

Chocoa Chips Semisweet 45%

SKU: QZ117774 1/25 LB CS

Chocoa Semi Sweet Choc Nv - Firm Bake 600 Ct 45%

SKU: QZ117776 1/25 LB CS