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Chocolate Décor

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Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Tea Cup

SKU: QZ117198 1/36 CT CS

Chocoa Spring Color Blossom Chocolate Curl Decorat

SKU: QZ118335 6/4 KG BC

Chocoa Dark Chocolate Sprinkles

SKU: QZ118011 20/1 KG BC
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Chocoa Semi Sweet Curled Chocolate Shavings

SKU: QZ116958 1/5 LB CS

Pcb White Chocolate Long Green Leaf Dã‰cor

SKU: QZ102302 1/135 CT PC

Chocoa Dark Chocolate Cup - Liqueur - With Foil 65

SKU: QZ105854 1/154 CT CASE

Chocoa Dark Chocolate Flakes

SKU: QZ118010 20/1 KG BC

Cacao Barry Hazelnut Praline Grains

SKU: 10103020 3/1 KG BC

Chocoa Chocolate Cup - Tulip - Marbled - Medium

SKU: QZ116895 1/36 CT CS