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Hors D'oeuvres

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Pork & Shrimp Sui Mei

SKU: F329 8.5 LB/150 PC

Feta & Spinach Spanakopita

SKU: VN620733 200 CT

Peking Duck Rolls

SKU: VN620732 200 CT
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Triple Onion & Brie Tart

SKU: FA113 100CT

Lemongrass Chicken Dumplings

SKU: 921945 150CT

Cocktail Franks In a Blanket

SKU: F627 100 CT BOX PC

Olive & Goat Cheese Tart

SKU: FA112 100CT

Coconut Shrimp

SKU: VN620777 200 CT (31/40 ct)

Chicken Sate Skewers

SKU: QG10641 200/1 OZ