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Baking & Pastry

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Large Cinnamon Swirl Pastry Ready To Bake

SKU: 82507 60/100 GR CS

Large Curved Croissant Raw

SKU: C13103 130/106 GR CS

Decadent Cinnamon Bun Ready To Bake

SKU: 10458955 30/130 GR CS
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Large Cranberry Twist Ready To Bake

SKU: 82506 70/90 GR CS

Assorted Rolls Par Baked

SKU: C13116 144/40 GR CS

Tomato and Olive Croissant

SKU: QZ119983 36/110 GR CS

Large Cinnamon Bun Ready To Bake

SKU: 930816 36/130 GR CS

Large Apricot Croissant

SKU: 82508 60/4.05 OZ CS

Mini Cinnamon Bun Raw

SKU: BR-17248 120/45 GR CS