Asian White and Tiger Shr

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Shrimp Pd T/off Iqf 71/90w Xw

SKU: WI030930 5/2 LB CASE

Shrimp Pd T/on Iqf 8/12t Censea

SKU: WI030858 5/2 LB CS

Shrimp P&d T/off Iqf 16/20 Xw

SKU: WI030888 5/2 LB CS
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Shrimp P&d T/on Iqf 26/30aw Xw

SKU: WI030872 10/1 LB CS

Shrimp Pd T/off Iqf 26/30w

SKU: WI030891 5/2 LB CS

Shrimp Pd T/on Iqf 4/6t Cen

SKU: WI030854 5/2 LB CS

Shrimp P&d T/on Iqf 16/20w Xw

SKU: WI030867B 10/1 LB CS