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Meat Samples

SKU: 914275 1 BC

Frozen Breaded Cooked Chicken 8 Piece Cut

SKU: QG86465 1/15 LB

Australian Frenched Cap Off Lamb Rack 24-26 oz

SKU: 99864 24-26 OZ 4 PC'S/CS
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Ab Brisket Master Case

SKU: AB120V 5/12 LB

Ch Tenderloin Psmo

SKU: AB16883 3/7 LB CS

Mfm Prime B/i Rib Stk Frenched

SKU: MFM76675 6/33 OZ

Head and Feet On Confucius Whole Duck

SKU: 1009312 1/38 LB

Frozen Ground Lamb 10 lb

SKU: ML116 1/10 CASE#4381

Frozen Parfait of Foie Gras

SKU: MP180 35.2OZ PC