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Center of the Plate

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Frozen Golden Spice Cooked Chicken Strip

SKU: QG88264 100/1.6 OZ

Frozen Golden Spicy Cooked Chicken Strips

SKU: QG84441 145/1.1 OZ

Frozen Italian Marinated Chicken Breast

SKU: QG86039 46/3.5 OZ
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Frozen Southern Breaded Chicken Tender

SKU: QG82458 1/10 LB

Frozen Fajita Cooked Chicken Strips

SKU: QG86093 1/10 LB

Frozen Cooked Chicken 8 Piece Cut

SKU: QG72141 1/26 LB

Frozen Golden Spicy Medium Chicken Tender

SKU: QG86074 1/10 LB

Frozen Cooked Inferno Chicken Wings

SKU: QG80205 1/132 CT

Frozen Garlic Herb Chicken Breast

SKU: QG98373 40/4 OZ