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Salami & Cured Meats

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SKU: 1008055N 12/6 OZ BC

Sweet Cure Serrano Ham Bone-out

SKU: MP-12208 1/12 LB PC


SKU: 10313730N 2/5 LB BC CW
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Rosa Salami

SKU: M143 2/6 LB BC

Genoa Magnifico Salami

SKU: QG84574 2/5.5 LB BC

Soppressata Salami

SKU: 1008785 15/4.5 OZ BC

Soppressata Salami

SKU: 10313203N 2/6 LB BC CW

Saucisson Salami

SKU: VN048921 8/10-12 OZ BC

Sweetheart Ham Cooked

SKU: 1008824 4/3 LB BC