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Dairy & Eggs

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Buttermilk Half Gallon

SKU: BF104 9-1/2 GAL PC

Fat Free Milk Half Gallon

SKU: BF103 9-1/2 GAL PC

Organic Plain Low Fat Yogurt

SKU: 10334039 12/6 OZ CS
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2% Milk Half Gallon

SKU: BF102 9-1/2 GAL PC

Organic 2% Milk Half Gallon

SKU: 10333790 9-1/2 GAL BC

Half and Half Half Gallon

SKU: 10333941 9-1/2 GAL BC

Organic Peach Low Fat Yogurt

SKU: 10334021 12/6 OZ CS

Half and Half Quart

SKU: BF132 16/1 QT PC

Organic Unsalted Butter

SKU: 10331196 15/1 LB 1/4'S