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French Fries

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Tater-tots "cavendish"

SKU: 910435 6/5 LB

Ff House Cut 3/8 Skin On Anat

SKU: F423 6/5 LB CASE

French Fries S.s. Classic

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French Fries Regular Cut 3/8

SKU: F400 6/5 LB CASE

Lamb Weston French Fries 5/16" Thin Cut

SKU: F418 6/5 LB 32G

French Fries Skin On Regular

SKU: F413 6/5 LB CS 72 PALLET

French Fry Natural Wedge 32r

SKU: 932075 6/5 LB

Lamb Weston Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

SKU: 929208 5/3 LB

Lamb Weston French Fries Shoestring Skin On

SKU: F410 6/4.5LB PRV RES