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Miscellaneous Fruit

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Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks

SKU: 10313043 10/200 GR BC

Niban Shibori Yuzu Juice

SKU: 103968 6/375 ML BC

Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

SKU: 10304631 10/200 GR BC
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Wild Frozen Blueberries

SKU: F202S 1/10 LB

Sliced Freeze Dried Strawberries

SKU: 10305019 10/100 GR BC

Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder

SKU: 10304649 10/200 GR BC

Freeze Dried Yuzu Flakes

SKU: 10304753 10/50 GR BC

Yuzu Juice

SKU: GV369 6/750 ML CS BC

Freeze Dried Mandarin Orange Segments

SKU: 10305027 10/150 GR BC