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Miscellaneous Vegetables

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Petite Peas

SKU: 109636 10/1 KG

Iqf Yuca

SKU: MTF8095 6/1 BAG CS

Whole Green Tomatillo

SKU: GT245 6/10 CANS
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Chopped Frozen Spinach

SKU: F625 24/1.5 LB CASE

Greek Marinated Red Beets

SKU: 10229941 3/6.1 LB BC

Sliced Bread and Butter Pickles

SKU: 77709 1/5 GAL

Frozen Broccoli Florets

SKU: MTF8094 12/2 LB CS

Frozen Italian Blend Vegetables

SKU: MTF8025 6/4 LB CS

Chopped Broccoli

SKU: MTF8029 12/2# POLY/ CS