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Frozen (iqf) Pomegranate Seeds

SKU: 1009187 1/22 LB

Small Artichoke Bottoms

SKU: FV128 10/ 1KG

Medium Artichoke Bottoms

SKU: WT-40204 10/2.2 LB
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Frozen Cherry Tomatoes

SKU: 10319200 1/22 LB CS

Frozen Quartered Artichoke Hearts

SKU: VN154003 10/1 KG

Frozen Large Quartered Artichoke Bottoms

SKU: F608 10/1 KG CS

Frozen Yucca Fries

SKU: 10362996 10/2.2 LB

Extra Fine Frozen Petit Peas

SKU: VN204601 10/2.2 LB BC

180 Count Medium Artichoke Bottoms

SKU: 77859HW 10/ 1KG