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Ok Foods

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Frozen Southern Fried Chicken Tenders

SKU: QG13917 1/10 LB

Boneless Savory Cooked Chicken Wings

SKU: 10286735 2/5 LB

Frozen Buttermilk Breaded Chicken Fritter

SKU: QG62587 1/10 LB
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Frozen Homestyle Chicken Fritter

SKU: QG80149 2/5 LB

Frozen Jumbo Chicken Wings

SKU: QG13862 4/5 LB

6 oz Frozen Chicken Breast Filet

SKU: QG80176 3/5 LB

4 oz Frozen Chicken Breast Filet

SKU: QG80170 3/5 LB

3 oz Frozen Grilled Chicken Breast

SKU: QG97860 1/10 LB

5 oz Buttermilk Breaded Chicken Breast Filet

SKU: QG80140 1/10 LB